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Lyubotyn Professional Lyceum of Railway Transport


      Lyubotyn Professional Lyceum of Railway Transport was founded in 1934. Today, the lyceum is a multidisciplinary vocational school. The lyceum trains 560 students in various professions:
– Rolling stock repairman;
– Locksmith for the repair of agricultural machinery and equipment;
– Electrician for the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment;
– Assistant electric locomotive driver;
– Assistant diesel locomotive driver;
– Passenger train conductor;
– Assistant diesel train driver;
– Tractor driver of agricultural production;
– Driver of motor vehicles;
– Cook;
– Information processing and software operator.

      The successful work of the lyceum is provided first of all the teaching staff, which works under the motto: “The best age-old traditions, modern technologies are our principle of teaching skilled workers”. Olga Ageeva, an experienced director and candidate of pedagogical sciences, organizes the multidisciplinary work of the lyceum’s teaching and student staff.
       Education establishment is a leader among Kharkiv region vocational schools to use of modern new trends implemented in the system of vocational education.

       The results of join work of the teaching and student teams, with the support of the branch enterprise are high achievements in branch contests of professional skills among students of railway-related VET in Ukraine:
  • First place in branch contests among students of railway VET of Ukraine in the profession of “Assistant Electric locomotive Driver” (Yevhen Adamenko, Lyubotyn, 2019)
  • Second place in branch contests among students of railway VET of Ukraine in the profession of “Assistant locomotive driver” (Dmytro Sviridov, Koziatyn, 2019);
  • Fourth place in branch contests among students of railway VET of Ukraine in the profession of «Rolling Stock Repairman» (Nikita Levchenko., Kyiv, 2019);
  • Fourth place in third step of the All-Ukrainian contest of professional skills in the profession “Locomotive engineer”, qualification “Assistant locomotive engineer” (Dmytro Kahalniak, online, third degree diploma, order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 02.06.2021 No. 611).
       The lyceum is a participant in international projects:
  • From October 2019 to November 2020 the lyceum took part in the implementation of the International Cooperation Project of the Senior Expert Service (SES) (Germany, expert SES Albert Rorarius) and the teaching staff of the Luybotyn Vocational Lyceum of Railway Transport by the topic: «Competency-based and learner-centered teaching methodology».
  • From June 2021 participates in the implementation of short-term training programs of the project «FUTURE PROFI» to introduce energy saving training programs “Vocational Training on Energy Efficiency in Ukraine” in VET establishments of Ukraine. According to the Memorandum signed between the lyceum and the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ an additional qualification “Insulator for thermal insulation” was introduced into the educational process for learning the profession “Rolling stock repairman” (16 people received certificates in 2021, 25 people in 2022).
  • From November 2022 the lyceum is a participant in the project “Energy Efficient Educational Establishment. Thermo-modernization of VET institutions within the framework of developed energy efficiency courses”, implemented by the Charitable Foundation “People” in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with the support of the project “Promoting Energy Efficiency and Implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive in Ukraine”, implemented by GIZ on behalf of the German government. The course “Window and door construction fitter” was developed and is being implemented (30 people).
  • Since October 2023, as part of the “Workforce Development for Ukraine” project, implemented with the assistance of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) “Economic Support for Ukraine” project, the institution has developed short-term educational programs and introduced adult education.
       Since 2020, teachers have been working on the realization of the educational project “Organization of the educational process of Luybotyn Vocational Lyceum of Railway Transport using modern IT technologies in the context of distance learning. It was created own online platform, Distance Learning. To provide high-quality vocational training, websites developed and updated for future railroaders in the following professions: “Rolling Stock Repairman”, “Ticket Cashier, Freight Cashier”, “Passenger Train Conductor”.
   Teachers’ improv their digital skills and implement them by creating a modern digital educational environment for their field of study:

  • In 2020-2021 academic year, in the regional exhibition-review of electronic educational resources (EER) of VET teachers of Kharkiv region on the topic: “Formation of key competencies – the key to the competitiveness of a modern skilled worker”, senior lecturer Kateryna Govor became the winner with a STEM-lesson in the form of a website on the topic “Magnetic field. Characteristics of the magnetic field. Ampere force. Lorentz Force”.
  • From November 2022 to January 2023 in the regional web-festival of educational video content “Road Skills”, organized by Scientific Methodological VET in Kharkiv region, the master of vocational training Anna Kabushko became the winner in the nomination “Video content on road transport professions and railway professions” with the video content “Improving Hard Skills of a passenger train conductor”.

     The lyceum staff is a regular participant in the International Exhibition “Modern Educational Establishments”:

  • On ХІ International exhibition «Modern Educational Establishments – 2020» in the nomination “Dual Education as an Effective Mechanism for Improving the Training Quality of Specialists”, the contest paper “Implementation of Dual Education at Luybotyn Vocational Lyceum of Railway Transport on the Basis of Competence – Based” was presented. The work was awarded a silver medal.
  • On ХІІ International exhibition «Modern Educational Establishments – 2021» presented the collective work of the lyceum’s teachers by the topic: “Model of organizing vocational training of future ticket cashiers using an educational website” in the nomination “Using digital skills to provide effective distance and blended learning in crisis conditions”. The work was awarded a gold medal.
  • On ХІІІ International exhibition «Modern Educational Establishments – 2022», was held online, in the nomination: “Modernization of Information and Resource Support of the Educational Process”, the work was awarded a gold medal.
       June,19 2022 the educational building of the lyceum was destroyed by rocket attacks, but the teachers of the vocational school continue to hold the educational frontline by teaching students online.